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Book Review: Miss Otis Regrets and Other Short Stories, by Dieter Moitzi

>> Saturday, 24 September 2011

"[Her existence] will be changed forever by a whimsical decision of hers. But did she have a choice to act in any other fashion? Or wasn't she somehow predestined to do what she's about to do?"

I've been lucky enough to have the chance to read Miss Otis regrets and Other Short Stories and I've had so much fun with it. Let me recommend this book to all those who like good storytelling in small doses and appreciate having a wide range of genres in one book. However, the quote above may suggest a common thread between the different stories — characters making their choices, being fated to making them, facing what to do. Let's see four out of the eight stories in this volume:

Miss Otis goes out her mansion on the highest point of High Street following her sense of duty in a downward path to Market Street and the past. The main character of "The Dump" knows that he shouldn't but just can't go straight past the 'Do not enter!' sign. Farmer Will knows the secrets of nature but at some point has to decide whether or not to keep using this knowledge to meet the needs of men, including his own needs. In the story that closes the book, "Cheat", a young Paris yuppie makes his life's decision.

Who actually made those decisions? This is the question that resonates in my mind after reading the book, due to the complexity, reflected in a readable style, of each of the characters, which is what I like the most of these stories. My favourite is the rural story "Before the Rain", as I live in the countryside and farmer Will somehow reminded me of my late father. You will surely find your favourite among these eight stories and mind you, once you start reading you won't be able to stop.

Dieter Moitzi, raised in Austria and living in Paris, works as a graphic designer besides being a writer. Dieter published Miss Otis Regrets and Other Short Stories and his collection of poems And Somewhere Under on Smashwords and Amazon. Make sure you visit his blog Confessions of a Wannabe Writer for further info about his books and upcoming works.


Ann 25 September 2011 01:10  

sometimes the short stories are the best. This sounds like a good book

RNSANE 26 September 2011 06:25  

It sounds like a great book, Josep! Sometimes short stories are just the perfect thing, when one just doesn't have tiem to get involved in a long novel. It's nice to have one recommended by a friend!

Dieter Moitzi 28 September 2011 11:09  

Dear Josep, I hardly know what to say, so let's keep it sincere and simple: THANK YOU ever so much! I've been deeply touched by your sensitive reading and the wording of your review! Best greetings from Paris, where summer has arrived at last...

Josep 28 September 2011 21:23  

Thank you, Ann and Carmen, it's so nice to have your comments here. I wanted my review to be helpful and of course tell you how much I enjoyed the book. Dieter, you're so kind and I want to read your next book now!

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