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Homemade Mona

>> Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mona: [Catalan word first documented in 1507 — not to be confused with Monna Lisa, where 'Monna' is a common contraction of the Italian madonna (lady), nor with the Catalan word of identical spelling meaning 'monkey' (from which it follows that in Catalan 'Monna Lisa' may sound like 'Monkey Lisa')] from the Latin mŭnda, neuter plural of mŭndum, 'decorated basket full of items (especially cakes) offered in April to Ceres [in Roman mythology, the goddess of agriculture, crops and fertility].' 
Meaning: Cake usually decorated with hard boiled eggs or chocolate eggs, eaten by Easter (whence follows that in Catalan 'Monna Lisa' may sound as well like 'Easter Cake Lisa'), although these chocolate eggs may actually be eaten before Easter, at least at my home, thus the lack of chocolate in my mother's mona, above.

Source: Enciclopèdia Catalana, with last-minute amendments by myself.

Happy Easter.


Grace 7 April 2012 16:34  

That cake looks delicious!

Ann 8 April 2012 01:24  

even without the chocolate it's a very pretty cake. Looks good too

Poetic Shutterbug 9 April 2012 01:33  

Now that looks scrumptious.

Grace 16 April 2012 17:53  

Every time I click onto your blog I see that cake and I drool...

Josep 16 April 2012 21:09  

Ann, Jo: thank you for your comments, the cake was good indeed. Grace: LOL!

Emily Mendoza-Templo 17 April 2012 08:59 looks delicious with all the nuts? u have a recipe for that?

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